Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Eschaton Awareness: My Proposed Survival Kit

My proposed survival kit, prepared to provide for retreat from urban centers and to ensure initial physical survival after a civilization-ending event, is presented below. Note that this kit does not yet include items necessary for the long-term survival of civilization (e.g., seeds and potatoes to plant, chickens, books).

Excellent backpacking boots
Well-balanced frame backpack
Layered clothing
Warm, waterproof clothing layers (e.g., poncho)
Sun protection gear (hat, light long-sleeved shirt, sunblock)

Firestarter (magnesium/flint type or other)
Water bottles, some water, purification tabs (iodine)
Bandana cloth (filtration, etc.)
Cordage in varying weights and lengths
Saw and/or axe
Paramedic scissors
Handgun, ammunition, and carrying apparatus
High-calorie and high-protein food (shelf-stable), e.g.:
* Macademia nuts - 960 cal/134 grams (one cup)
* Honey - 1030 cal/339 grams (one cup)
* Dehydrated potatoes - 170 cal/48 g (one cup)
* Dried figs - 496 cal/ 199g (one cup)
* Fat (e.g. olive oil) - 1900 cal/205 g (one cup)
* Velveeta cheese spread - 680 cal/224 g (one cup)
* Peanut butter - 1545 cal/258 g (one cup)
* Lifesavers - 1000 cal/200 g (100 lifesavers)
* M&M's - 1023 cal/208 g (1 cup) (or other candy)
* Jerky - 928 cal/226 g (1 cup)
* Sweetened coconut - 351 cal/74 g (1 cup)
* Dry whole milk - 635 cal/128 g (1 cup)
* Lentil flour - 560 cal/160 g (1 cup) - and 44 g protein
Fishhooks & line
Unscented soap
Bandages, moleskin, wound cleaning material
Blanket (for warmth, for catching insects for food, etc.)
Plastic bags in varying sizes
Needle & heavy-duty thread
Pan for cooking
Tent, tarp
Stun gun, pepper spray, less lethal defense methods
Sleeping bag and pad may be considered for comfort
Water purifier may be considered

Edible plants and foraging techniques
Water purification
Destination and route plan
Defense (including handgun use)
Medical first aid


Anonymous punkin said...

have you started looking into fire-starting techniques?

we should start testing...

June 15, 2006 5:43 PM  
Blogger Shane said...

wound care will be one of the things that become a lot more important than you would first think. In our modern world a small cut is no big deal but when you are out in the brush that small cut can fester and cause big problems if not taken care of. check this stuff out.

April 02, 2008 10:03 PM  
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Anonymous israt said...

I forgot to add that if you get one big enough you could use it as a life jacket. Read your post about getting dumped and NOT having your life jacket handy.

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January 05, 2012 9:37 PM  

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