Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eschaton Awareness: First Considerations (or, Locate the Potatoes)

Recent posts have focused on initial survival considerations after an Eschaton event. A major reason to have an Eschaton management plan is to avoid a situation where irreplaceable items or irreplicable technology is lost early on. Therefore, items whose acquisition may not be critical to immediate survival, but which may be quickly consumed or destroyed beyond hope of recovery if not saved, may take precedence over other important items. For instance, if all chickens starved to death or were eaten in the months following the Eschaton, or if all seed potatoes were eaten or rotted, they could never be recreated by survivors later on. Technologies that could be sustainably practiced by a group of survivors, but which require initial technological inputs to be practicable, may exist; for instance, it may turn out that we need a few heat-tempered glass beakers in order to produce the substances that enable us to produce more heat-tempered glass. I am interested in researching and cataloging a "scavenging list" of the most important examples of necessary inputs for potentially extinguishable technologies.

Bruce Beach, in his writing on survival after an Eschaton event, suggests the following rules:
1. Get out of the cities
2. Get out of the cities
3. Get out of the cities

I would propose rules of the form:

1. Get out of the cities
2. Locate the potatoes
3. Locate the potatoes


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