Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Do You Want to Survive the Eschaton?

I have spoken with many people who would like to personally survive a civilization-ending event. While any individual's personal survival is not exactly the focus of this project, here are some things to consider:
  1. Get into excellent physical condition, as survival may depend on large amounts of travel by foot over difficult terrain, carrying all necessary supplies.
  2. Get any chronic medical conditions under control with diet and exercise to the extent possible; make provisions for emergency medication, but realize that medication after an Eschaton event will be scarce.
  3. Carefully prepare an emergency survival kit, and have it with you at all times. It is worth nothing to you if you can't find it when you need it.
  4. Have a group and have a plan. Make sure that everyone in your group has complied with (1), (2), and (3) to the extent possible, and have a plan regarding what to do in case of emergency - and what situations will trigger the implementation of your plan. The most important part of the plan is a specific, safe location to meet if your group is not together when the emergency occurs. This meeting place should be located outside of a major city. Other important parts of the plan: where are you going, and what will you do when you get there?
  5. Rehearse at least the initial stages of your plan (i.e., reaching your meeting location on foot with packs).
  6. Share your experiences and contribute your expertise!


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